Sunday, September 09, 2018

Construction begins ... right after these wings

We are just coming up to the half way point in our stay so we needed to do a trip out of Kyrgyzstan for the day so we can come back for another 60 days.   We have this down to a science.  We spent last night at Bekah's , then left her place around 11:00.  We went for a great lunch in Kazakhstan and were home to Tokmok by 5:00.                                                                                                                               Back on the farm the kids were hard at work with Vlady this weekend.  They are pouring the floors for the new indoor shower / toilet and bedrooms. 

While the rest of the guys were mixing and pouring cement Nuric was digging the hole for the septic tank .   The team from PI will be arriving this week and we will be ready for the walls to go up. 

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