Monday, November 20, 2017

Two new Challengers in the pie challenge.

Two new challengers in the pie challenge this year.  Vlad and Alina  

Vlad is the youth worker and assistant at the farm and his wife Alina works as a social worker with many families in need.  they are a great couple and have such a heart for the hurting helpless and lost.  That's why they are willing to get a pie in the face if sponsors would like to donate $500 on their behalf.  
The funds raised by Vlad will go towards Christmas in rot front for our kids and the many kids in the village that we would like to bring Christmas too this year. 
Funds donated in Alina's name will go towards the underprivileged families that she works with on a regular basis 

If you want to help but not sure where, please consider either of these challengers . Just put their name in the box to the right of this post as you make a donation . 

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