Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you .

I have been enjoying all the Facebook posts from our friends in the US as they share their preparation for Thanksgiving.

Sunday we had a celebration out at the farm .  It was a combination of a few different birthdays as well us a last big get together before we go.    

Big feasts are a deep routed part of Kyrgyzstan culture.  Everything from the type of food served, the side dishes and salads, and importantly the bread, even the seating pattern at meal make for a "Good Table" 

Sunday was one of the best.  Everything was perfect.   A table to be proud of.  But what we were most proud of is that it was hosted by everyone at the farm.  serving meals,  pouring drinks, making the ploff and  shashleek out on the fire ..fresh made salads, home made jams and pickles, honey from our own bees .. If  We were to have a Thanksgiving meal at the farm, this would be it. 

NONE of this was learned in the orphanages.   These are just some of the life skills that the kids pick up at the farm.  The hospitality that they have learned through  operating the guest house and the skills that they have been taught by people like Aigoola and Vlady are things that will be invaluable in this culture. 

  Bravo everyone, you guys are awesome .. and Bravo to all of you who have believed in them along with us and make it possible for us to continue to reach out to these young men and women and others like them. 

That's something I am Thankful for. 

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