Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New arrivals on the farm.

a few days ago we had five baby ducks born on the farm .  their mother would not take them so they were living in the most high traffic area in the farm and loving the attention .. where ever the excitement was they were in the middle.  

This morning we had another 7 babies born.  This mother is much more attentive, so I tried introducing the five, and they ran right into the mix and all is well, except that this mother does not think it is such a good idea that the babies play in traffic.  .  

this mornings winner of the great fly swat challenge was Dustan 

We hd a group of guests come to the farm today.  They are a team of Dr's and dentists that have been running clinics in Kyrgyzstan .  Today was their last day so they cam for a visit an a day in the mountains .  

Talgar came and brought his new eagle with him 

every one that wanted got a turn holding the eagle 

 then they put on a hunting demonstration for us.   The whole time, we had 4 horses available for people to take turns riding . 

After the guests left, we picked produce and put together food hampers to deliver to families in need .  The world really is a difficult place for some people .. i makes us so thankful for all that we do have .  

on our way home we passed through the strawberry fields , so of course we had to stop and get some for desert .. absolutely nothing like them .

As I am writing this, Julie is waiting to board a flight in the Paris airport then on to Bishkek with a connection in Moscow.  They have been there for 6 hours with still another six hours to go.  But she did tell me that her bags have been checked right through to Bishkek, and the connection was very smooth.

Tomorrow we will be working up at the ranch putting in a patio for the new yurt coming the next day .   

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