Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fine tuning the green house.

Things are coming along great at the green house.  We seem to have the temperature and the light all in balance now.   We are working on the humidity levels next. they are stable in the 65% to  85% zone until we open the doors to cool the house down, then we loose the humidity

what we will do next is to put in an air exchange system that will bring in a small amount of cool air over a longer period of time.  It will be thermostatically controlled and will have defusing  vents running the length of the green house . 
The next load of coal arrived today .  I had forgotten about the green house when I calculated how much coal we were going to need this winter , so this should do us . 

The boys have started breaking up the soil in the second green house , next they will need to turn in the compost and bring the humidity levels up .  This week we will start the tomatoes in seed beds in the first green house , and will be ready to move over here in about a month.  

Jengish brought the nice camera today so that he could get some nice pictures of the new and not so new boys .. 

Denis just turned 18 and has been waiting for over a year until he could come and work on the farm .. 

Roma had a little time of reflection away from the farm, but is now back and doing well . 

Ulukbek in the barn with some of the boys that were working with him as Jengish had the camera out.

Back in Emma and Jengishes apartment they are working on setting up the incubating tank for the first batch of fish fry. Soon enough we will have our own breading pairs and will be producing about 800 to 1000  fish a month. 

We are also now working on importing the methanol needed to get the bio diesel   plant up and running. I am hoping that we can get this going when I get back in March. 

Back in the city we sponsored a burger party for a group of students.

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