Sunday, May 29, 2016

Starting to pack.

We have started packing up.  Our last day in the area is tomorrow, then we will head for Bishkek to Bekah's house for the day then head to the airport from there.  We had a lot of last minute things to do at the farm.   The kids have finished some more baskets that we can bring back to Canada with us.  I will miss the cheese, but I am sure it will be good. 

I have been keeping most of the tools in the back of my car, so today we set up a small work shop in one of the rooms behind the guest house.    One day the wood working shop will have all full sized tools, but for now we have a good selection of hand power tools . 

Now that the paint is dry, Julie was busy putting the final touches on everything. 

 Today they were making more jam.  I think they did about 100 lbs of strawberries, and tomorrow they will do another 100 lbs.  Many hands make light work as the kids all gathered around the table to prep the berries.   Aiperi was learning how to work the new sewing machine and made me this pillow , complete with embroidered corners. 

It was a beautiful drive back to the city again today . It is amazing how the mountains can look so different every day. 

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