Thursday, May 12, 2016

For everything there is a season.

I began the day yesterday out at the farm.  I took my shoes off and waled through the garden feeling the dirt squish between my toes, and saying hello to all the new growth.  All the seeds we had planted last week are doing exceptionally well with all the rain, and have started poking their little heads up through the soil .


As I reached the farthest corner of the field, Julie came out and called me back tot he house.   I got back to find out that our Baba Masha had passed away and her funeral was today.   We knew that she was in the hospital and had arranged for home care for her to live out her final days in her own apartment.  The move back to the apartment was to be last night , and we were waiting for the call, We were not allowed to visit her in the hospital and they would not give us updates. It turns out that she had died a couple days ago. 
We managed to get cleaned up and back to Tokmok in time for the funeral .  

We have been close to Buba Masha since 2008, and more so in recent years. The girls help with her shopping and Baktagul and Dr Tatyana would keep tabs on her health, and time to time she would send over little treats that she had made for the girls.  The tea was always on at Buba Masha's and she always loved when we could take time for a visit. 

 She will be missed 

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