Friday, January 15, 2016

Where in the world is Grammy ?

Walking through the Bazaar Grammy had one of those moments that we know well .. "Where in the world are we and what are we doing here.  It is not a concern or anything , its just suddenly realising that things are out of your norm   Like this day when she was going to buy some apples.. 

I remember for us about 10 years ago, we were lost in a new section of Bishkek , it was about 110 degrees and there was a dust storm .. it was so hot that everything we were looking at was blurry with the heat, and we ere standing on the side of the road trying to get barrings, and the Muslim call to prayer could be heard in the back ground as if it was dubbed into a movie .. a surreal moment when Julie and I both looked at each other and realised " Your not in Kansas any more Dorothy!"

Victor and Nick back in 2008 
Later  that morning Victor came for a visit .  Grammy knew him from about 8 years ago, and has followed his progress closely. and a mutual friend Cecil like several of you have been helping Victor.  Cecil has been under the weather recently , so Victor is sending a spacial greetings your way Cecil.

Out to the farm today , They were checking in on the cows.  We have moved some of the cows down to the home farm from the mountains with a little test to see who can fatten them up the most .. 

The boys have made some more modifications to out fridge , they have added a second storey and a sky light into the "Dog house"

After a course on business planing and writing a business proposal, a couple of the boys received a start up grant for their business raising sheep .  they actually started with a calf , bought low and sold high then transferred that into the sheep .. now the small herd is growing .. 

A quick stop to visit Vlady and to pick up some more honey to bring back to Canada in a couple days 

We had a visitor to the farm from Switzerland during the summer and she just sent some cloths for the kids .  I love this picture .. Merlan, he boy in the middle has been with us for a couple months now.  When he first came he was not able to smile.. no that he didn't want to, he simply did not know how.  

Between the practise, and now having something in his life worth smiling about , he is really coming along .. below are a few pictures of his progression over the last couple months. At first it was more of a blank stare , then with a bit of prompting he thought if he just made his eyes bigger, but could not get the corners of his mouth to move .. nest he got his cheek bones into it but his mouth still would not cooperate .. but today he figured it out .. Good Job !

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