Friday, January 22, 2016

Urgent Need

Many of you will remember the family we have been helping that had 5 kids , the last two were twins and had scribal palsy .   Simply caring for the kids was a full time job for both parents. this made it difficult for them to both work to support the family.  They had been living in a house that was under construction.  The person building it let them live there for free as they were able to watch things at night .  A couple years ago the house was finished and they had to move.  They found a house at a great deal. Just $5000 .  They were able to get family and friends to help them gather up $3000 deposit for the house, which they are still paying back .  Since that time one of the twins has passed away, and they are now facing an emergency situation.   The person they bought the house from has waited long enough and now has told them that they need to either give him the $2000 or the house back .   Larisa and Tanya have asked if we could help find them a sponsor for this.  Here is what we are thinking .  If we find a sponsor for this, we would like to offer the family a five year interest free loan  that would make the payments 2500 som a month ($33), but then we would forgive the first 2 1/2 years to give them time to finish paying back the first loan they have.  The remaining loan payments would be used toward the food hampers or similar to other families in need on our list.   Lets see what we can do to keep them inside this winter. 

Our team has been busy making the rounds to check up on a lot of the families we help through the winter.  Emma and Jengish will be coming to Canada and the US for three weeks next week and we want to make sure everything is OK while they are away.   Emma and Jengish brought Coal to Fatima and her family today , as well as food to the girls living at the apartment.  Also got a new motor for the grain mill out at the farm .. 

Emma with Fatima and the kids 

Jengish shoveling coal 
Larisa and Tanya have been busy as well .. Delivering food, and bagging up coal to give to those in need . 

Tanya has a bad back and should not be doing this, but as long as there are people in need she can't rest  ..

Meanwhile , Sergey and his boys were out
 to the seniors home to bring them some food .

While there Vladic entertained them with some illusions 

Daily we come across and are brought to some serious needs , and winter time is not a good time to be with out Food or heat.  We are so thankful that we have the provisions there to be able to respond quickly and efficiently when a need arises .. that's because of all of you .. Thank you for making what we do possible. 

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