Saturday, December 05, 2015

More exciting news at the end of this post

Today was another Business training day out at the farm .  Its great that we have others that volunteer to come out to the farm and pour into the kids . 

 Kolya was not at the training today, he is studying hard in the city .  We are so proud of him for working so hard.   We encourage all the kids to keep pushing forward with their education.  We have 8 or 10 of them that would like to take drivers lessons and get their licences .. This is such an important part of growing up, but at $200 it is a luxury not commonly afforded to kids when they come out of the orphanage ..  again , so glad hat we can do this for them. 

There is excitement in the air tonight .  Masha the pig is ready to have her babies any time now 

The mountain cows are now penned in for the winter, being fed and fattened up for the food hampers.  The first bull will be distributed to the orphanages and institutions  in a couple days , and another will be prepared for the Christmas food hampers that we are doing .. at about $25 each, we have about 30 sponsored so far and are looking for a few more sponsors so we can meet the needs .   We will be giving out fresh meat, and other supplies canned at the farm , including things like tomato sauce , pickles, relish, jams, honey, sun flower seeds, even some fresh milk will be amongst the items given.  If finances come in, we  would like to add in a few staples not yet produced on the farm.   

some of our cows up at the mountain farm 

The last couple days the fields were all cleaned up, and the manure spread, and have been ploughed and put to bed for the winter. 

The big news is that Grammy Pammy ( John's mom ) is heading over to Kyrgyzstan for Christmas 

She saw the post about Bekah having time over Christmas , and when no one booked to go, Grammy Pammy thought it would be a great time for her to come for a visit .  She has been wanting to go for a while now and is looking forward to seeing everyone again.  She will leave here the 23rd and arrive at 3:30 Christmas morning like Santa with a couple bags of Christmas gifts and Vitamins.   

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Bren Murphy said...

Looks like you guys are making an amazing difference! Love the animals and being so in touch with the seasons and so generous with the supplies! Great things in store for your guys!