Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 23 "ON THE WAY".... Rabanal de Camino

I was just talking to Julie , they are in Rabanal de Camino.  They are doing well, but find that they have to start earlier and finish earlier then they would like each day because there are so many other walkers that if they don't stop early they will not find a place to stay .. today when they passed through town, there were only 4 beds left , so they decided to stop and take 2 of them .  but they still managed to cover about 18 km and that was almost all up hill. .  They could not get pictures to upload today , they could not get a solid Internet connection so they are on phone data.   I did find some cool pictures from the web of the town,  so I have added one with the link to the original site .

Yesterday they had the same trouble getting a place to stay, so they decided that since it was Acels birthday, they would treat themselves and stay in a Bed and breakfast for the night rather then a hostel .. so it ended up being an extra $75 but better tat then sleeping outside on her birthday. 

So here is what it looks like today ..  with just 230 km to go, they have covered over 500 km in the last 21 days ..  that's more then a half marathon every single day.  

Now would be a great time to make a donation to support and encourage them on their task to support women's issues in Kyrgyzstan ... Bringing hope and dignity to the helpless and lost .. 

Back in Kyrgyzstan , Jengish and I were back out to the Bazaar this afternoon to bring cement to the builders and to bring some meat as a little treat for the meals, I like to do that every couple days . 

We have a team coming in a couple weeks that will be spending a couple days at the farm .  Each day we will have some of the kids we work with out to the farm to do some gardening and canning, then we will take them on a couple outings.  One will be to the hot springs and fishing followed by a fish fry back at the farm, and the other will be a trip to the mountains and a picnic . 

Just behind the farm about 2km up into the mountains there is a beautiful look out right at the beginning of a mountain valley.  The farmer there is going to start working with us giving horse back riding for the kids and for any tourists that we bring.  He has beautiful horses that are well trained .  So today we took a short drive to organise things for when the team comes .. I a excited about this .. we will have about 20 people for a full shashleek and ploff picnic looking out over the farm, as well as about 2 hours of riding for who ever wants to go. 

One more reason to come visit us at the farm!

the green trees is the village where the farm is 

Today was also a day of inoculations for the goats .. not something the like very much .   When I sat down on a bail of hay, right away they were wanting to come visit .. that's when I decided to take this selfee 

Once they had there shot they could come visit me while we finished the rest , that way we knew who had been done ..

the boys held them still while Jengish gave the shot .

Masha was tired from her walk to the farm, and took a wile to wake up this morning .. we would give her a shake, and she would stretch, yawn and open her eyes a little bit, give a snort then close her eyes and go back to sleep.  but Finlay she got up and ate some more
Here are a few pictures of the last property that we bought on Friday .  Along with a large garden that will connect two of our farms, this property has a body shop business that we will keep up and running for the kids at the farm to learn a trade , for this we would like about another $500 for equipment and tools .. 

The house is in good shape inside .. When you come in there is a small entrance area that has a small kitchen combined in it .. I am standing in the kitchen looking at the entrance on the left, the living room strait ahead, and the bedroom to the right .  

The bed room is big enough that we can have a bedroom / living room in that room, and the living room is a nice sized room that will be perfect for the sewing room .  We have all the furniture and the sewing equipment ready to go in, and we have the first order of 20 Aigula blankets already ordered .  we just need to fix a bit of the flooring .. maybe about $200 in total  and we will have this  house up and in business , with room for a couple women in need 

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