Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 14 ON THE WAY .. the shelter is open and families moving in

today the girls are still walking through   wine country .  the up side is that there are lots of snacks along the way . 

Today we have a guest appearance from two travellers , Stephan from Germany and Rex from Italy . 

It turns out that Acel is becoming a celebrity .. She is the first person from Kyrgyzstan that any of them have heard of ON THE WAY 

the architecture is incredible 

lots of history here as well .. this is the site of a hospital started by Joan of Arce 

But most all , it is a lot of walking through fields like this .  They have specific dates that they need to be in Santiago , and the last 100 km must be walked every step, so it is coming up time when they need to calculate their pace and consider if they will need to move ahead to the 100km point at any time so they arrive on time .  

Early mornings and long days .. that is what the way is about for most .. But not for Julie and Acel 

For them, with every step, they are focused on the people that they are trying to help.. they want to be a voice for those who have no voice, suffering silently .  women who are abused, sold into sex trade, Bride knaped , treated like chattel . and those stuck in a cycle of poverty with no safety net to catch them when they fall .  
These are the women that Julie and Asel are walking for .. they are trying to get to get your attention . 

Let me tell you about what is going on In Kyrgyzstan.  I have heard a message and shared a message that your resources do not dictate your assignment, but your Assignment dictates your resources .. With that in mind, we are moving ahead ,, one of the things we want to do is be able to provide emergency shelter space for women , along with the needed supports to help them get back on track .. 
Today we opened the first shelter .. |A lot of hard work by the kids , painting and renovating,, moving furniture and setting up to turn an old house into a home for at least  2 families .

House is painted and the foundation if all finished as well 

this is the Sauna , and will also have two toilets  that will also provide showers and toilets for two houses .. the deal on the house on the other side , between this house and the girls home will close next week and will provide more housing, and another market garden.   

We brought the furniture from the guest rooms over here to the shelter home,  

but did get new beds for each room 

We also made small desk / wardrobes for each room as well 

The guest room is really looking nice, and is a great place to stay for a get away, or to come out to experience life on the farm.  If the guests would like to spend a bit of time working with the kids, helping with the chores, then they can join  every one for a nice meal .. 

Small reading or relaxing area in the front porch 

this is the guest bedroom ...sleeps 4, and just down the hall from a full bathroom with sit down flush toilet and shower with hot water 

In the living room, there are  two fold out chesterfields and a love seat and chair, along with a desk and Internet access 

The greatest plus about staying at the farm is that it is another way to support those who call this home . 

I have been working out at the farm a lot  the last couple weeks, and my favourite part has to be lunch time , Even though I have been a little under the weather the last few days, I love seeing all the smiling faces around the table .. Every one works hard every day, but they all take ownership of their jobs, and have a real sense of pride in the work they do .. It really is wonderful to see.  Even today as we where all having lunch, Baktagul arrived .. her classes finished at noon, and she could not wait to get the bus out to the farm to help get the house ready for the family to move in .  

When we moved them in we discussed with her future plans.  She makes awesome bread, and there is only one place that bakes bread some times on the edge of town.. We talked about building a commercial oven and maybe setting up a bread business .. It was the first time I saw hope shine through the teary eyes of this mother .. We witnessed HOPE move in ... She said that she never could have imagined that something like this could ever happen to her and her kids ..  
Donations for THE WAY have stalled out, but Julie and Acel have not .. they are believing for a break through and that funds will start to pour in to support the work here in Kyrgystan that is driving them to press on . 

Please take a moment an donate now .. Please be a part of the awesome things that are happening .

OH YA almost forgot .. Goosey has decided that since the irrigation ditches are not flowing right now .. that the old bath tub will do just fine 

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