Sunday, August 16, 2015

Would we expect ANY THING LESS... on the farm ?

Another bumper crop in the harvest today on the farm .. way more barley then they ever could have imagined .. but then why would we expect anything else . 

Drying in the sun for a couple days before it goes inside in the grainery 
Jenjish is Happy and relieved to get the harvest in 
 I had a small delay but it all turned out well , I was permitted to bring the seeds across the boarder that are bound for the farm .  We will be growing white Pine , Red Pine , Scotch Pine, Hemlock, Tamerack, White Spruce, and Colorado Blue spruce we have about 5000 all together .. should end up with about 2500 trees .  At about 4 feet they will be worth between $25 and $100 each depending on the variety . It will take four or five years , but will be a great investment for future income on the farm 

My flight was delayed , along with another flight to NY, so they took all the connecting flight passengers and stuck us on this little plane .. I had both a window and an aisle ( No wonder it took me about 6 tries to figure out how to spell aisle ) seat, and could look out windows on both sides of the plane .. Connected up with Julie with 20 minutes to spare before our check in at Aeroflot .   

 We are bound for moscow in about 2 hours .. It will be nice to be back... They are preparing shashleek and ploff out at the farm for supper when we get back .. Can't wait 

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