Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day two ON THE WAY... and a trip to the mountains

Well Julie and Acel have reconected in Paris. There was a chance that they could get an early conection to Bayonne , so as soon as they met up they grabed a but to down town Paris.  Can you believe, the train left 3 minutes before they gor there, so after a quick tour of Paris , they headed back to the airport to catch the train that they were originaly planing to catch . 

This train they will take for 6 hours to the south of france.  There they will spend the night, then catch an early morning train on to St Jean Pied De Port .. where they will begin the 800km walk over the Pyrenees Mountains 

One of the ways we can make a diference in the lives of Volnerable young girls is to suport with education needs .. To bring it home, Today alone, we have had a few diferent young girls we have known from the orphanages come to us looking for help.  To give you an example ,, one girl wants to go to a linguistics school .  The cost of the school is 54 000 som , around $900 .. she has found a place that she can stay in the city and live for free for the first year, and she has found a sponsor that is willing to cover half.  She even has money for books and clothes.. so she now just needs $400 , and with that she has even nagociated with the school for half now and half in December .. She has done everything that she knows to do, she has worked so hard to try to make a plan for her future .  But she still needs help...  $200 is a lot of money, especialy since like I say , she is the third one to come to us today ! but this is her whole life ahead of her , and when we consider her other options, how do we not figure out some THE WAY to suport her and others like here he need your help if they are going to turn life around .. 
Please take a moment now and make a donation, maybe today YOU will be "THE WAY" 

Today back in Kyrgyzstan we went up to the mountains to visit the family caring for the bees and the cows.  We brought a few guests with us so we had a nice group.  They loved the fantastic meal that was made for us, and also enjoyed the horse back riding and mountain climbing 

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