Monday, September 22, 2014

fun in the city.. Happy Birthday my young friend

We started today with  couple meetings, one being a planing meeting with Larissa, we start the new roof on the iskra hospital tomorrow . Then it was off to Emma and Jengishes for lunch.  This evening we went out to one of the orphanages and picked up 4 boys and took them to Bishkek to celebrate a birthday .  We went bowling , then out for supper.. we went to a sushi place and had Sushi, pizza and french fries ..   More food then you could imagine, but they ate it all.  When we got down to the end we played rock paper scissors to see who had to eat the last one .. They all had such a good time ,, it is so hard to be cool with a mouth full of wasabi

Bekah showing fine form

waiting with anticipation 
learning how to work chop sticks 

Roma just won a round of Rock paper scissors 

a little too much wasabi for Amir 

one final roll for Amir 

that one was hot 
Many of you will remember a cart driver friend I had at the bazar here that died about 5 years ago.  He had a young son that would always watch for me and help me out.. I got a call from him today asking if he could come see me .. it has beem about 5 years since I have seen him. He was very shy to speak, but finally we got out of him that he was looking for work .    Fortunately we have work for him at the medical clinic, and that will give us an opportunity to re build the relationship we had and see if there is more we can do .. so many questions,but they will be answered as the relationship is built..  He has no place to stay right now so we will start with him staying with us until we help him sort things out .
We try to help those we can, and it has been a long time since he has been in our lives, but I just know that he is here for a reason, and feel a special connection to him having been a friend of his fathers.  If you think about it, say an extra little prayer for my young friend  Elmir. 

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