Monday, September 29, 2014

A little love goes a long way

There is a place that I know here in Kyrgyzstan that is one of the most wonderful places. It is the Kemin seniors home .. What makes it so special is the story behind this home . 

Here in Kyrgyzstan there are seniors homes, but they are for those that have all there documents and no living relatives.  This leaves the most vulnerable with no place to turn to in their old age .  Many seniors find them selves living on the street when they are to old to work, and the poorest of the poor can be found literly out with the trash . 

The Kemin seniors home will take any senior in need , and offers them a home with dignity.  No longer are they trash, but are considered as treasures.   This is how the director views them and this is how we have come to see them as well.  Many times we will bring a senior to come and live here, but every time we return to visit them , for months after, they see us and just begin to weep.  They are not weeping because they are sad, but because of the trauma they have faced in their lives and now its over.  Now they are cared for and Now they are loved and respected. 

Oct 1 is seniors day here in Kyrgyzstan , it is a day that respect is shown to the seniors, but what about the orphaned seniors like Kemin , those who have no family .. are they not still precious .  We were not able to take part in the seniors celebrations on the weekend in the village, but I can't just do nothing in Kemin.  I really need help with this.  Emma and I went to the bazaar to see what we could come up with on a tight budget.   This is what we have come up with . 

 They are 40 som for the cup, 40 som for the candies and 20 som for the wrapping .. that would allow us to give them each a little piece of joy for just under $2 each ...  surly they are worth that much .  Please don't just assume that some one else is going to cover this , if you would like to be a part of this blessing, please make a donation now .  We need $90 total to allow us to bless them all .  its not much but I can guarantee you that they will each feel so blessed just knowing that they are not alone.  

a loving touch 

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