Monday, July 28, 2014

Update from Iskra

Larisa and Tanya just sent an update from the last couple weeks.  They are happy to report that a couple of the families from the fire have been able to find apartments to live, and the others have moved into the old hospital .  On a side note, the friends from Brantford have been working hard to raise funds for renovations when we get back in a couple weeks. 

Childrens supplies delivered to some of the families starting over after the fire . 
Things are almost finished at the mens home .  All the tables were set up for the men in the court yard while the final pain was put on the floor . 

Larisa spending some time with the men , doing crafts and lessons 

one of the many layers of primer and paint on the floor 

final coat of paint on the floor 

This has been such a long process, one that we are so happy to see completed.  So many have helped out with this , but a special shout out needs to go to many of our friends in Cincinnati who made this possible .  you have made a lot of men very happy.

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