Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bachelor part for Jengish is sure to be an event !

This Friday , starting between 4 and 5 pm, we will be having a bachelor party for Jengish,  We will T off at Oakland greens in Norwood  for 9 holes, then  followed by a party at the home of Keven Olver .  Jengish will be preparing the Lamb for the wedding in the traditional Kyrgyz manor.  It is sure to be an interesting day all around .  If you think you would like to come out, contact Cal Clarke at 705-639-5319 for your Tea time .. love to see you there  

a little putting warm up before the match at last summers golf tournament 

Dan , the leader of the mens group at NPC getting his clubs ready 

Cal .. the best organizer I know .. always there behind the scenes making things like this available 

Pastor Jeff being Jeff 

Come on out and join us for a great time 

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