Monday, October 07, 2013

"We can't have people think that we are helping people "...

 Yesterday afternoon we brought 20 kids from Svetly Put orphanage to the water park swimming .  This is a new facility in Kyrgyzstan, and is very high end.. thats what makes it so great when we arrive with orphans .    and boy did they have a blast .

   After swimming we brought them to the Fieza restaurant .   Again,  this was a very special treat for them .  
Today we began the day with a trip to the Bazaar to pick up supplies for 69 care packages . in the photo below, Jengish and Russ are following the cart full of flour and rice back to the rest of the team

 we then brought all the supplies together and set up a factory line to pack the bags.  Now the team is out in groups of 3 delivering them to those in need around the city .

The little parking lot we were set up in was in front of a Mosk here .. just as we were finishing up, we had a visit from a couple of the officials from the Mosk, they cam out to tell us " You can not do this here .. people see this and think that we are helping people ... we can't have them thinking that WE help people .."  So we apologized , and told them we would pack up and go..

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