Sunday, October 20, 2013

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.. a weekend with some awesome kids

The last couple of days has been a very special time .  There is an orphange that we have been helping out for a couple years now, but we seldom go to or spend time with the kids .. not because we don't want to but because they are just so far away .   We do Christmas parties there , an have helped to get the kid to camp and back to school clothes, but as you know for me, I want to create good memories and experiences for the kids .. I want them to have hope for their future ... this weekend that was possible for them . 

1/2 the orphange , the older kids , made the 6 hour journey to come to us .. we brought them by bus here to Tokmok.  They arrived at noon at our apartement, and had lunch in Jonnybeks cafe ... a sub sandwich, a banana , a chocolate bar and a juice box, then we headed for Bishkek and the water park . 

They had an incredible time .. nothing like they had every experienced before .. even in the parking lot when a plane flew over head , they were freeking out.. they had never seen a jet plane before , and saw the slip stream, and were sure that it was a rocket .

After about three hours at the water park an a few pizza's later , we headed for Fieza resteraunt .. they had a great meal.. choosing what ever they wanted off the menu ... possibly another first for some .  then it was back to the apartments in Tokmok, and a movie   "Rio "  in russian .. very popular for them .. thanks Sergey and Give First for the power point projecter .. it was a great way to finish the day .

This morning they all came back for breakfast .. boy can they eat hahahhaa.. but it sure made us happy to see them enjoying everything so much .

After breakfast , Emma and the supervisor went into the other room and picked out personalized gifts for the 15 kids that did not get to come .. these kids will bring gifts back with them for the others .  thank you Cathy and Crayola for the awesome gifts .

we then went out together .. and then at 12:30 we headed for the Burana tower where Vlady and Dr Tatyana had an incredible picnic for all 35 of us .. ploff andd Shashleek, candies drinks and fruit .. even his special 1000 layer cake for Julie and Jason with no Chocolate ... sooo good.

They had a great time at the tower an the musium as well  in fact I was suprised how they settled right down and actualy took so much in at the museum .. what a rich place of history ...

Then at 2:30 we gathered them for a photo and said good bye before sending them all back on the long journey home .. but certainly with their heads spinning .. and full of HOPE FOR THE FUTURE... 

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