Monday, April 08, 2013

Windows needed for Baby orphanage

I often have people asking me about specific needs at the Tokmok Baby Orphanage , so I thought I would pass on some of the concerns brought up by Dr Tatyana when we were there last week . 
 This building is the kitchen and food storage .  it is in need of a little work.  The walls are starting to crumble, and need to be repaired, but the problem is that the moisture is getting in from the rotted out windows.  As you can see below, the wood is so rotted that you can just put your finger through them like soft butter .

Some of the window pains have started just dropping out on their own.

Dr Tatyana has people in place that will do the plastering and painting, but before fixing the damage, we would really like to fix the cause of the problem .  We have 9 windows that will need replacing , and they will be around $200 each for good quality vinyl casements .   I know that this is a pretty big order, but it needs to be done, and it is important to them.  So we will begin.. one window at a time as funds come in .

Just a quick update, sponsors have been found for this need, and we will place the order for the windows this week 
Thank you so much for your help ..

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