Friday, April 12, 2013

Off to the mountains

Yesterday we took Jengish, Acel and Aigoola with us to the hot springs.. We3 were on a bit of a mission.  We were looking for a good place that we could go with our team for a couple days when our friend Jeff is here .  We were loaded up and ready to go at 10 am, but first we had to stop and see Anya .

Anya had just got a call from the Baby hospital.  4 years ago we bought them a baby ventilator, but yesterday it stoped working , and the hospital has a bunch of kids that are in need of it.  They had tried to have it fixed, but what ever it was, could not be fixed.. so they need a new one.  It will be about $125 .. We could not bare the thought of children suffering while we look for a sponsor, so we have gone ahead and covered it right away.  fortunately we have a little bit extra that people have sent to us undesignated , so we were able to move quick. 

So back to the trip.  We found a great spot with just the right number of beds and a private pool for the team .  We were able to work out a great price, about $15 a person.

View from the balcony off the meeting room
We are looking forward to a great time .  

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