Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whats Bekah up to.?

Many of you will remember our friend Kolya.  He was one of the first kids we met when we came to Kyrgyzstan.  We have been part of his life since then.  He was in an orphanage at the time, but the orphanage closed , and Kolya went to live with his Great Grandmother .  
  We help with things like glasses and medical care for both Kolya and his GG.  Also when ever we do back to school shopping , or fun outings, we bring Kolya along.  

Kolya is one of many kids like him that we work with on a regular basis .. Kids that with out a little help could be in a very difficult place.  But what we give them that is more important then any material thing, is the knowledge that some one cares for them and is looking out for them .

Before we left in the fall, we made arrangements for several of our kids to attend a very good , accredited English class two or three times a week.  Bekah went with Emma to meet with their teacher this week .. here is what they reported    

" we went to see Kolyas English teacher Karina to pay for him and the others and she always gives updates on how the kids are doing and she was so proud of and pleased with Kolya. He's such a good boy and such a good student. He comes 30 mins early for class to review his lessons and ask questions. The other teacher loves him too and wants to award him with an Oxford Russian English dictionary.

The others are doing good, going to classes, Meerim decided not to go, but Jangil has started. She comes late cause she has music lessons right before. Aizada and aziz are doing well and she said they are all good students

Kolya's paid this month and the next 3 months"

Bekah was so excited to be able to help Kolya with his English class.  This was one of her simple dreams as a PI / iam1ru dream agent .  You can check out other dreams that Bekah has posted at www.iam1ru.com 

 Here is the way it works ..Bekah is a dream agent for P.I.  as such, she finds ways to make maximum impact in life changing ways , for minimum investment ... ie. simple dreams .  As a dream agent, she has these simple dreams posted on the im1ru site .. , like this one  and when people like yourself go on line and meet the need, the funds are sent to Bekah and she fulfils the dream and reports back like this 

why not take a few minuted to check out the site and see some of the other projects that Bekah is working on.

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Carrie DeLille said...

Your kids are AWESOME as are you! Great update!!