Wednesday, February 13, 2013

many firsts

There are so many rewards when you reach out to help someone .   We have been so blessed to be a part of Kamala's life .  Its very exciting to be part of so many firsts for her .. 23 years old , and there is so much that she is just now experiencing .  
Before we left in the fall we read the riot act to each of the girls .. We were very gentle , yet firm with Kamala about the house rules ... This was difficult for her .. not that she had rules, but it was the first time that any one has cared enough about her to have safety rules.  

Then there was Christmas .  It was with wonder and fascination that Kamala experienced her first Christmas.  the stockings , the decorations. the gifts from friends and her sponsor . surrounded by people that cared about her .. Not only that, she was able to give back.. she worked hard helping  our friends celebrate Christmas with so many  as  a result of the Christmas pie in the face challenge. ( thank you to every one that sponsored and had a part in that great event ) 

Yesterday was another special day for he,r Emma and Bekah , along with a bunch of the kids  that we know , put on a Birthday party for her .

What a great group of kids ... each with their own story of how God has brought them  through difficult times, restoring HOPE and DIGNITY ....

Happy Birthday Kamala , we Love you and are thankful you are a part of our lives ....

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