Monday, October 29, 2012

Day two with the Millbrook team

Camat is here with the mother he is wanting to help .

mother and 3 kids are currently living in this one room.   ... every were in the house that there is a  little wall paper there is lack mold..    The team here has decided to take this project on.  Today Vlady bought his guy  (Joe ) over to finish removing the paper , patch the walls and paint them with a mildew paint.  He also brought the mother to the Bazaar for wall paper.  He was cute this morning   he was here with the team and then headed out .. two minutes later Vlady was at the door again.. He said  " So I take it you want me to bring her and let her pick out her own wall paper .. then smiled and giggled as only Vlady can "  Thank you Vlady , you get it !   The team will be spending the day there on Thursday working on the renovation   

Julie was thrilled with all the creams and vitamins the team brought with them.. not to mention the coffee , peanut butter and Craft Dinner 
   This morning the team headed to the Bazaar after breakfast .  We picked up the fixings for lunch with the seniors , then headed out the valley .  We met up with Olga to get them registered with the police and get a few bills paid first so that we can keep our internet and power a little longer .  We then stopped at the dump on our way out of town.. one of the ladies had 3 litres of oil ready for me .. not a lot but it was the start I was looking for.   When I got out 30 some to give her she was sooooo excited, so were the others when they saw it..I think that  this was the breakthrough we needed.. now they get it .

When we got to the seniors home, we found every one in a very somber mood.  One of the Babushka's had just passed away a couple hours before .   We got to work and made a pineapple rice, with roast chicken and cabbage salad .

the team even sang for them 

seconds and thirds all around   By the time we left. they were all happy again and there were smiles all around .  Then it was off to Orlovka to the center and then we had 45 minutes before picking up the pizza's for supper at Dayspring 

It was a great visit with the kids , just too short.  Olga was moving the center to the new location tonight, and the team was the movers .. starting with the Piano 

when everything was moved we have a few extra desks left.. we knew just the home for them   ...

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