Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What life could have been .

Imagine what life could have been like for our dear Dasha.  

When she first arrived into our Dayspring family,  Dr's and officials where suggesting that we just take her to a home for disabled and leave her there, they said " Nobody would fault you for it.. we can just give you the papers to send her , there is not much that you can do with her." ... They said that apart from her medical conditions, she would never learn.. she couldn't learn.. they just saw the broken child before them... LAMb saw more.. We saw a beautiful child of God.. One that was perfect.  besides we don't just throw children out... .. Emma absolutely determined in her heart that together they were going to prove the world around them wrong. 

Ed Dickson was there at the time and he too saw the potential , and committed to cover all her medical expenses..and the Dayspring family rallied around her .  

Just a couple weeks ago, Dasha returned from the Bishkek hospital where she received surgery for two holes in her heart.    Then with an amazing recovery period, Dasha is ready for school .. something she has only dreamed of .  Of course with her history, it was difficult to get her into school, but with a little perseverance, and the support of another generous sponsor, Dasha has been excepted into one of the best schools in Tokmok, along with all the other kids from Dayspring.   At one point , Emma even suggested that she would go with her to school every day if she had to , and  be her personal teachers aid if that's what it would take .

Since she had never been to school before, we thought it would be a good idea if she went to a preparatory school this summer.  Olga's center is offering those classes, so it was a perfect fit.  Dasha and a couple other kids from Dayspring started this week...  and what do you know.. now that oxygen is getting to her brain and she has energy, couple that with her strong desire to go to school.... Dasha is the top of her class... She is doing great ....   
Dasha's first day of school 

I have seen what life is like for the kids at the disabled homes ... how many there , like Dasha, just needed some one like Emma and the LAMb staff to stand up for them ...  

I have said it many times , but I will say it again.. Thank you to all the incredible sponsors that make it possible for us to be on the ground and making a difference in the lives of the hurting , the  helpless and the lost .  

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