Monday, March 12, 2012

We found the sun

We found the sun !..   It has been a busy week. 

Up until Friday , we had no idea if we could actualy get into the US with Jengish.  He was only given a single entry visa, and used it to get here .  So there was a hole lot up in the air,  Emma and Bekah are also flying out of JFK with Jengish, so if we did not get across the border, I would have had to book flights for them, as well we really wanted to be in Cincinnati, so we would have had to drop the kids and head south on our own.    Fortunately the US boarder guard officer we finaly ended up with was very nice, and was able to work it out and let us back in .  

We had great fun at Kim and Randy's then on to Cincinatti where we had an incredible stay.  great friends and such encouragement to us.  And the weather was not half bad either.. sure is a big difference from the cold and snow we left behind in the north .  

Today we made it to Alabama with a few stops along the way to visit some friends along the way.
Tomorrow we will be having breakfast here with some great supporters, then it is on to  Pensacola . we get three days rest on the beach, and Jengish will be caring on to the Teen Challenge center for a visit. 

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