Wednesday, December 14, 2011


WOW, WOW, WOW, Things are really coming together ... parties have begun in Kyrgyzstan .. the disabled families association in Tokmok was the first... photos to follow shortly

7 different NGO's have begun preparation for their part of the celebrations. Parties , concerts, outings you name it .. teams traveling to the remote villages of Narin, Osh, and Talas. The impact of the pie challang is reaching thousands.

We will arrive on the 28th and have our first party that night. Over the next two days , Dinner / movie/ and presents, four showings for over 500 orphans followed by a party at the mens home ..A couple birthday parties with the University students we work with 100 or so and a new years eve party at the seniors home to finish off the next day. Then over the next week we have more kids and more orphanages having some incredible trips that they will never forget.. Bowling , skying, skating , and off to the hot springs... finishing off our week with a grand celebration with hundreds of kids in Bishkek ,
The traditional event “Christmas Miracle” will be held by ICSB for the 12th time. Every year hundreds of children participate in the event and look forward to come there. children from orphanages, disabled kids association , children who's parents are in prison , and underprivileged families. The program includes performance, singing and dancing in a ring around the Christmas tree, puppet show and presents for children. This year YOU are the sponsor that will make it possible ...

We will even work in a few hospital visits, one to do the leg work to bring new beds, and another to put heat in for the winter.

Then there are the vitamins .

just some of the vitamins waiting to make the journey

..OH MY .. the Vitamins . We hope to bring about 1000 lbs with us on this trip, this will be enough for the first 6 months of the program. Then send more with anyone that we know of traveling over in the next few months.

As I am sure you are aware, celebrations of this magnitude , planed from over 7000 miles away can be difficult.. we are excited, but would ask that you continue to remember us in prayer , and join us in praise and thanksgiving ...

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