Sunday, September 03, 2006

Visas a No Go

Well it's official and we have delivered the bad news to our friends in XXXXXX, the visas are a no go. We have been offered humanitarian visa invitations for half the team, and the other half would have to get tourist visas. Un fortunately this still does not guarantee the visa. You only find out if you are excepted after you pay your visa fee. The other problem is to go under false pretences does not sit well with us.
Although this is difficult for the workers in XXXXXX, there is so much to do in Central Asia. It is also a much more open country, and safer for the team. The projects that we committed to in XXXXXX will still be completed, we will send a small "landing party" in to XXXXXX to take our workers out for dinner, tour the many works there, and bring the finances raised. So here we are six weeks away and it's back to the fund raising as we can't arrive in Central Asia empty handed.
Well God knows, and he always provides.

But just in case it's you he is speaking to,..... We can issue tax reciepts!

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