Sunday, September 17, 2006

Espanola Meets the Village

(Kids from the Village Children's Home enjoying a day of sun and fun at the Lake )
The last two weeks, Central Asia was graced to have Roger Pilon and Kelly Deschamps from Queensway Pentecostal Church in Espanola visit and minister in the Village Children's Home. They did a tremendous job of connecting with the kids and workers, fixing up a new shower room, providing 13 new bicycles (amazingly assembled from near scratch!) and treating everyone to a day at the lake. Everyone here enjoyed their presence immensely!
(Kelly working late in his mobile bike assembly shop)
Over the past year or so that I've been visiting the village, I've noticed a huge change in the kids. When I first met them, they were mostly indifferent with anyone coming from outside. Gradually, they've become more and more friendly, smiling, shaking hands and giving hugs.
Emotionally, they are becoming much more open too. On Roger and Kelly's last day as they were saying goodbye, a majority of the kids were crying uncontrollably as they hugged their visitors for one last time. I've NEVER seen them this way before! As sad as the event was, I was so encouraged by what I saw in these kids and their development. The love of God IS changing them!
Mike M.

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