Saturday, October 22, 2022

A good thing or a bad thing

 Today we had a great picnic in the mountains  with about 70 guests . Some of the guests were families that we are giving coal to this year .. this is a good thing .. But here is the bad thing .. when you are welcomed into their homes , you are opened up to see so many further needs .. like this family here .. 5 little kids and with winter just days away, they are in need of winter clothes and boots .. 

We do not have the budget for this but we do have a small team here that could help us with the shopping if anyone would like to help with this , it will likely be around $50 per child , or $250 for all five 

After the picnic and ready to start delivering coal .

Logan loved the eagle 

Around 70 people under the veranda or some incredible ploff by Ravil

The families loved the knitting 

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