Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Some Needs Met .. and Some Needs Found

The men from the men's home had such a great day at the Kashar this week . They felt truly blessed to have the time away . Thank to Tanya for organizing this and an extra thank you to everyone that had a part in making this day possible 

The boys were hard at work on the farm.  This week we were able to get our second cut off, and from the looks of it we will be able to get a third cut this year.  Last year we were only able to get one cut and even that was small .  

The gardens are continuing to do well .. Not just from on the farm but also the hundreds who have received seeds this year . They continue to send pictures and notes of thanks to everyone who donated for the seeds .

Life continues to be difficult for many , 
especially those with families living in the more remote villages.  With husbands working as shepherds , there are long hard hours, and little pay .  We are happy that we can continue to provide food hampers to them at difficult times . 

Julie was talking with Kamala yesterday and she learned that her aunt that we had helped with cancer treatments a few years ago is sick again .  The do not have the money for the analysis and treatments   this time around , but Kamala did not want to ask because she knows that we have so many needs right now , and they had gotten help already for this a couple years ago.  Cancer does not always play by our rules , so we would like to help her again . I would like to raise about $400 to start with for care and treatment .  If you would like to help with this , or with the scholarship fund, please go now to the top right side of the blog to donate. 


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