Friday, June 24, 2022

Trip with no return ticket

"Trip with no return ticket 💔, all life fitted in only two suitcases😭, unplanned journey with hope to return to my Homeland one day#всебудеУкраїна🇺🇦❤️ — at Paris Aéroport - Charles de Gaulle (CDG)."
 This was the message from Mother and son of the family from Ukraine we are hosting. 10 hour boarder crossing , Visa issues, and Father now to travel in another week , Flight delays on both flights so far, and Hotel difficulties in Paris .. But this has been the easiest part of the journey . Leaving everything but two suit cases and a country they love behind, that has been the real journey.
 Stranded at the Paris airport , God sent a stranger .. This lovely Korean Lady saw the distress and offered to share a taxi to the hotel when there was no shuttle bus as booked . When she found out that they were from Ukraine, she insisted on paying the full taxi for them. Then early this morning when again the Holiday Inn failed to provide the shuttle once again, the same Lady showed up and helped carry bags as they set out on foot.
 As mad as I am at Expedia , and Holiday Inn , I am reminded that there is still evidence Humanity .. or was this simply an angel sent to assist them
 As this was all unfolding , We received a donation of $1000 towards their travel expenses. This was such a blessing and encouragement to be able to share this info with them as they were waiting to board their flight .. 
Then I got thinking ... could we raise the other $1000 before I pick them up at the train station tonight ? I fully believe we can do this. we all have an opportunity to be the face of Humanity , or like the Korean Angle that visited them , be used by God to bring Hope and encouragement at such a difficult time .

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