Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Choose Joy

Some times we can get absorbed by the world around us , and we need to just STOP and Choose Joy.  Sometimes the Joy is out of our sight and we need to step out and make it or LOOK for it.      Last night at a zoom meeting with our friends in Kyrgyzstan we were discussing Choose Joy. and how they are starting to get tired. It has been a long few years and every day there are new challenges. Like today some of the bank machines are shut down due to political unrest in neighbouring Kazakhstan, so along with the financial strain, it is likely that there will now be food shortages.  

In our discussion we were reminder to look to the mountains where our help comes from..... There is a verse that tells us that "doing that which is pleasing to God is a spiritual act of worship" and how in the middle of that when feeling tired or worn out, stop and recognise why and what we are doing and that strength and Joy will come from that.  After a nice visit, Julie and I went off to bed, and the team went out and about creating JOY around them.  We are so blessed to have such an  awesome team working so hard .    

In the village, dozens of families experiences Joy created when the team was giving out food and gifts for the families with small children.  

An hour away in another village, the team was delivering coal to more families that were coming to the end and still have so much winter ahead of them . 

Do you remember Vova from the wish book that needs Cancer treatment .  The family was 20 000 som short and did not think they would ever find a way to save their son... Tanya met with them and delivered the finances needed .. Talk about bringing JOY 

Some times the planing and the leg work to bring JOY can be the hardest part of the job.  Like today on top off all else, Vlad and a few friends who we so appreciate, went into the big bazar to shop for Christmas gifts for 180 kids from two different orphanages .  

The rest of the day was spent putting the gift boxes together and making sure each box some school supplies and a toy.  Tomorrow they will add fresh fruit and some treats before delivering JOY to 180 more kids . 

What ever you are doing today, take a moment and CHOOSE JOY !
Last night I heard of someone who actually sets an hourly reminder to stop and look for the JOY around them .. 

Repeat after me in a loud voice ... Alexa : please set a reminder, every hour .. "Choose JOY"


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