Saturday, January 20, 2018

Global Orphan Care

I love this picture of Sammy seen here investigating the Buk-choy.  I would be doing the same thing if I was there, checking out the roots.   

We have started planting and re potting plants for the spring now. . Aigula is getting a break from the cold, and getting her hands into the dirt as she repots strawberry shoots 

here is a nice morning harvest of lettuce, spinach and radishes 

We continue to provide food hampers to those in need.  This batch of food is heading to a lady in our village who had a bad fall and is off work right now .  I am blessed that we are able to do things like this now with out always having to come back to sponsors each and every time.  We have a small budget designated that allows us to act quickly in situations like this. 

Something that we have never had in our budget is training courses for Julie and I or the rest of our workers for that matter.   

Many of you will know David and Jayne Schooler.  The last several years they have been working with    Back2Back doing trauma competent caregiver training. 
There are very few couples that are as well equipped to teach such a course, and for us there is the added benefit of  them having a deep understanding , knowledge and even an existing relationship with many of the kids that we work with. This insight will bring a relativity for us that I do not believe we could find anywhere else.   

I have shared, and even joked about the situations that we face on the farm especially, and many of you have joined in our amusement. When we put aside all the joking and are serious for a moment, it is almost overwhelming the responsibility that God has given us for the well being and development of these kids.  We are charged with the responsibility of meeting these kids where they are and then walk with them into a future with out pain and trauma.  We need to learn to Do that .

We are thrilled to have Vlad on the farm and this Youth worker position is one of his key responsibilities now.  Although we have been blessed with an incredible farm with over the top produce and food production, that is NOT who and what we are.  Our number one responsibility has to remain the kids.

If you know me you know that I am the last person that would be interested in going to a training if was for any other purpose, but this is too important to pass on.  Please consider helping us with this

Someone has covered our conference fees, we have a place to stay while in Cincinnati. We have had donations enough  to cover parking in Toronto and part of our ticket costs.  This will leave us about $500 short on the flights. The flights have begun going up daily as we get closer, so a couple days ago I went ahead and booked the flights.    We, buy faith are going .   Any help would be appreciated .

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