Saturday, October 14, 2017


I was reminded today of a post from a long time ago .  It was about Anguish.  David Wilkerson spoke about anguish and where has it gone in our circles today ..  

Here is what reminded me. 

I was  walking past a friend working in the fields  and stopped for a short visit.  I knew he had a new baby at home so I asked him how his baby was doing, "She is stable now and home" was his response.. So I asked if she had been sick,  He told me that she had a hernia that had ruptured and she was in the hospital.  She needs an operation , and is home now and stable , which is good since it gives him time to get some crops in and sold so she can have the operation.  I asked when they would like to operate, he then said that they want to operate right away when he gets the money..  

Instantly what I felt was ANGUISH.. can you imagine as a father walking out of the hospital with your baby knowing that she needs an operation right away but you do not have the means to cover it and will have to wait.    I could wait for myself ok, but not my kids.  

I pressed a bit and asked how much the operation would be .. I found out that the operation and after care will be about 8000 som, about $160.  We normally have a policy that when people come to us to ask for help, we find the sponsor first , then will advance the funds, but today was different.  I felt prompted to go ask him, he did not come to me, he was busy working in the fields to meet the need, he is also a friend in need, that should not make a difference in who we help, but it does !   

I had the money in my pocket ( the exact amount ) so I gave him the money right there.  Vlad turned to me as we continued on our way and said " That was easy "  In a way yes it was , and at the same time my heart is still breaking for what this family is going through.  The money in my pocket was designated for coal, so now I will have to figure out how to replace it, but a very small sacrifice on my part.  but what lingers on is ANGUISH.  Anguish for this friend and the stress his family must be going through, Anguish for so many like him that we pass each day with out stopping to hear their story,  but mostly Anguish for those in this world who have become so complacent that they have forgotten what it is to feel anguish for another.  

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