Sunday, April 02, 2017

Moving Day

Today we moved all the cows, sheep and goats and three of the boys to the mountain ranch.  Beautiful pastures, wide open spaces and a never ending supply of fresh water.  A live stock paradise. 

Even Barbos the dog made the trip to his new home and job as the protector, a job that he is well suited for. 

this little one needed a little extra help at the end of the journey 

this is at the watering trough beside the barn

It was interesting that the animals went right into the barn here on there own to check things out .. like they knew it was their new home.   When Latte ( Julies cow) walked threw the gate into the huge court yard, she started kicking up her heals and running around the yard in glee.  

the boys room is newly painted and Sergey came and fixed u the lights and plugs.  We also brought up some other furniture for the kitchen along with cooking utensils.  

The last load was the hay for the animals.  

Today they will gather up the ducks and geese and bring them to the ,mountain as well.  

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