Friday, October 28, 2016

a productive day

Today started with some work around the farm.  The girls helped Emma making the soap. 

Charlie and Dave worked with the rest of the boys to prepare the pens for the expecting mother pigs. 

they are very content now 

After lunch we went out on deliveries of coal and food.  But first we stopped at the Children treatment centre to bring them a new TV set.   Then it was on to deliver coal and food hampers. In total we gave out food at eight different homes and coal to five different homes.  There were also Vitamins and mittens given out along the way. 

We had a great supper with the team at Sidoola's home .  It was nice to spend time with them .. a great end to the day .. 

photo Bomb 
 Here is the real one with out me in the way 

One of the stops was at the Bacute orphanage to check out the new walls and roof at the orphanage. 

then it was back to the farm in the evening .   Julie took this picture yesterday .. It is the street that the guest house is on .. I love it , It has so much going on yet is so peaceful. 

Peter is doing well .. I think he likes it here. 

Last post I showed a plant stand that Charlie was building with the boys.  Here it is finished now. 

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