Saturday, July 09, 2016

Work & Play

I have been away from the computer for the last week , but the work on the farm has not stoped .   I look at the pictures of a food hamper today , and I am so blessed .  Can you imagine for a moment not having food to feed your family or being a cook in an institution with limited food and hundreds of mouths to feed , or maybe a camp cook with hundreds of kids but not enough food for them all.. then having the workers from the farm show up and bless you with this .. 

then taken out to the truck full of cabbages and being told to help yourself , take all that you need.  

We are blessed again this year with an incredible abundance, the crops are doing great, and the kids are working hard to keep everything producing at its best.  Like the bed of leaf lettuce Emma is showing us bellow 

Its still very early on the season, but we can see already that it will be a bumper crop.  In the next picture you can see the corn, carrots, beets and Swiss chard. 

Already we have cobs forming on the corn stocks . 

the gardens are staggered in their planting this year so that we will have a longer harvest .  Here Is Aigula (Farm Mom) getting a few cucumbers for lunch 

It is still very early in the season for peppers so I was surprised to see that there are already peppers starting to come on to the plants .. 

 This is our first time growing watermelons , but it is looking like they are going to do very well too.  

The cucumber field is starting to produce now .  soon we will have tons of cucumbers of this field 

Last week we were able to get a little time off for the kids and a special treat.  We sent them by train to Lake  Issy-kool for a couple days to a yurt camp right on the beach.  They had a great time and were so thankful for the opportunity. 

Here is  a short video from there stay .. What a difference in the lives of these wonderful kids.  They are doing so well.. Clean living, hard work, good food and being a part of a big family ..  All things made possible because of the on going support of so many of you .. 

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