Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another day on the farm

This first photo made me chuckle .. It is Jengish heading off to work .. coffee, brief case , and of course his Goosey.  Emma says that its starting to get embarrassing, she says Sunday market day is the only day that she does not feel funny walking with a goose .. that day all kinds of people have animals with them  

out at the farm, the boys have made a big pen where the ducks and the geese can get out for some time out side .  Ther are now on 4 nests of about a dozen eggs each , but not countaing the eggs that have not hatched yet , we still have about 40 ducks and geese.

Goosey likes to have some time each day at the farm, but still falls down a lot so he is happy to come back home wit Jengish every night .  They say that when his wings grow in that he will be able to get up and turn himself over when he falls down.  We saw some geese last weekend.  the babies were bigger then a large chicken, and still had no wings .hahaha.. I think Goosey will be going home each night for a long time. 

The fruit trees are starting to produce fruit now.. it will be great to be able to add fruit to our fall canning .  The fields are coming along great , They bailed Aigoola's field a couple days ago.  We would like to buy some hay from her until ours is ready .  She needs to sell about $250 worth right away to pay some bills , If we can find the money we can buy hers so that we will get good hay and so that she will not be taken advantage of because she needs money fast .. if someone would like to help with this is would be a multiple blessing .. 

We had two more baby goats born at the farm a couple days ago. 

We have been getting some grass cut around the farms , "controlled grazing " will do that .

So now that the goats have arrived, its time to start the production of goat cheese.. this is going to take some time to perfect.  First they needed to master the milker .  It works off of a manual hand pump that uses a mason jar as the collection container.

it worked great , and in no time they had the first jar of milk 

then to experiment with the cheese ...  The first batch turned out great .  It is just a little crumbly, but we will make a press that will make the final product and form,   , but for now we are working on taste.  

and it looks like it was a success .. even Emma agrees

As the sun sets on another day on the farm, the sun rises on us here in North America ..

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