Wednesday, November 05, 2014

690 people in 4 shows .. an amazing day

Today we had the pleasure of Mr and Mrs Bubbles joining us for the day .  We started with a show at the Red River orphanage,   The kids had a blast.

Getting ready for the show 

how exciting is that 
 After the first show we came home for lunch before heading to the gym where about 300 children from the city came out to see the show.. as an added thrill we had cotton Candy for them all .. We arranged a micro loan for the Cotton Candy machine, and have set someone up in Business,.. The loan is being repaid by providing us with cotton candy at cost when ever we need it .. today we gave out over 500 cotton candy for a cost of just $40 . 

Maria giving out Cotton Candy moments before the kids started climbing the poll 

Friends young and old enjoyed the performance 

Dave  helping serve the kids 

then it was off to the mens home .. they got to use their carpets and tushuks again 

They enjoyed it just as much as the kids ... maybe even a bit more 

Me playing body guard 

It was fun to get in on the action

many of the men had never even seen cotton candy before ..   
 After the mens home we headed over to see the families that had lost everything in the fire earlier in the spring. this week they finished the roof repairs .  They have tested it and NO LEAKS ..

                          Jengish climbed up the rickety ladder to get us this photo 

the rest of us waited on the second floor patio 
 The families are starting to get settled into their new homes in time for the winter 

Tanya goes over every day and works with the kids .. She does a homework club before supper, then in the evening she goes back and either reads or shows a movie to the kids .  Here she is painting their c=faces for the party .

She has a room there , but right now it has nothing in it.  The team today committed to getting her a carpet and some tushuks as well so that they can sit and watch a movie.. Also we will get her a heater for this room tomorrow . What we really need to do is find a sponsor for her .. We would like to provide this project with $200 a month that can be used for food and supplies for the kids that Tanya is working with , that will also provide a small saleryto help her out as well . 

A table was prepared for the team and the kids all sang and danced for us as well 

look back through the blog, and you will see us giving this little one this coat in the spring 

Every one got in on the dancing with the kids 

Mr and Mrs Bubbles just got more energized as the day went on , right till the end the put on a fantastic show  

In the end, they where thanking me for all the help,  I always tell people it is not me, but God moving on the hearts of hundreds of sponsors , and many people had a part in helping them , but as things would have it , in the spring when we posted the news of the fire, the very first person to contact us with food donations .. It was not meant to single out David, but it was so good for people to see first hand how so many people have had a hand in the work, like all our friends in Brantford that fixed the roof.. They had an opportunity to thank Dave, and understand a little better that it is not just us but all of you.  

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