Friday, August 22, 2014

a request for sponsorship from Anya

One of out tasks today was helping our young friend Anya .  

We first met Anya at the Tokmok orphanage back in 2008.  The orphanage was closed some time ago, and Anya has had a bit of a bumpy ride.  Emma and Bekah have kept in regular contact with her and have been there to guide her through a few rough spots, and to advocate for her.  Today Anya  has it all together and is registered for University. 

She has done all the leg work and has been able to register into the teachers program for free.  She just needs to pay for her dorm and her food .  The dorm is $35  a month and her food will be about the same .

Bekah and Anya in her room with new sheets , blankets , towels pots and dishes and a bit of food to get her started .

We are working at securing a sponsor for her right now, Anya knows that she might have some help on the way , but she wanted to give a message to  possibly help some of the others in her position 

Anya with a student start up pack ..a pillow, an Aigula blanket, sheets and towels.  this costs about $40 

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