Monday, May 26, 2014

visiting friends.

Saturday was a busy day of packing and taking care of last minute instructions for those staying behind.  Then later in the day , the kids had some friends over for a game of uno.  We still have not heard back about a Visa for Jengish, so we will be traveling with out him, and as soon as the visa comes though, we will have him on the next flight .  We are told that processing times for visa's is now 52 days .

In the morning , we picked up baby geese from Larisa's house and brought them out to Auxanna and her kids . 

We also got her Tomatoes, onions and peppers for her garden as well as some basic food supplies , oh ya, and about 200 lbs of food for the geese 

she is very hard working, and has a huge garden 

We also stoped to see a couple of Emma's kids that have a new home .  they are now with a really nice family.  It was great to see them again, and spend a bit of time with them

Tolik showed us the guitar that he got for his birthday, and Jengish even gave him a little lesson.

When we got back we did a bit of shopping .. we will be providing all the meals today for those from the fire.  

There is just so much to do in the face of sooooo much loss.  many of these families are left with nothing.. all that they had is gone, and there is no one or no insurance company that will replace it for them .
For many at this point, all they have is Larisa.

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