Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A project on my heart.

there is a place that is special to us in Tokmok.  That is the baby hospital.  , its located on the back side of this maternity hospital..

ceiling and walls in ICU
a few years back we were asked by the government to help them out .  The walls were crumbling , the roof leaked, and the floors were collapsing.   We did not want to be pressured into working here, so I first spoke with Sergey and Anya .  They shared that this hospital had a great Dr / director.  In fact this was the Dr that Sergey and Anya take kids to from the orphanage or families they are helping .  It is often hard to find a Dr that will treat orphans, but this Dr always helps right away.  We decided to start working here as we are able .  New floors, walls , ceilings , water repairs, and equipment .  
Main hall after repairs 
 the old beds were next ,  they were literally held together with shoe laces , and when you sat on them you would touch the floor.
old beds 
 with the help of the Rotary club, we were able to get them all new beds for the entire hospital.

 Emma and Vlady have continued to do little jobs there , like a new washing machine, and even the first hot water that the hospital has had.  The work has continued.. this is not the same place that it was .
 This is also the hospital that abandoned babies are brought to.  There was no budget for baby food, so since 2008 we have provided top quality baby formula for the babies as they arrive.  

This is also a teaching hospital, and is now considered one of the best . 

There are two main Drs that work here , and they are now running off there feet .  Word has spread that this hospital has been renovated and has new equipment .  People have started coming from all over the valley, and even as far as Kazakhstan to be cared for here .  This has created a new problem .  The line of people lined up waiting to be helped often extends down the hall and out the door as parents come to wait for a chance to be seen by the Dr's 

This leads to the reason for this post.  We would like to build a proper exam room, washroom and waiting room for them.  Its just wrong to see parents and sick kids standing in a line out in the elements .. We have come up with a plan to add a small exam room and waiting room on to the front of the hospital .    The rooms in side are completely full, in fact they have children many times down the halls of both this hospital and a neighboring hospital .

 we have come up with a few different plans, but what ever we do we figure that we can build to suit for $10 000.  

The problem is that trying to find a person or group to pass this need off to is difficult when you get to projects of this size.   Today I was having lunch with Sam from iam1ru and he said something .  He shared that his new t-shirts will have  weR >1  on them  ... It was a great reminder for me .  This is something that we have walked out for a long time .. and now more then ever this is true.. This is not going to be a project that just one person does.. its a little too big to hand off to a team to raise the funds for, but if WE together step up, I know that we can do this .    If you would like to help with this , please use the donate buttons on the side of this blog, and put hospital in the memo line .  another way to help is if you could spread the word , maybe your friends , Church, service club, or business would be interested in joining in this project.

I want to leave you with a photo of Dr Anara and one of her babies. I love this photo because you can see the love in her expression, one so powerful that this lost and abandoned baby knows she is loved .   

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