Thursday, January 03, 2013

Getting ready to get back on the road again !

If you live in this state... we are heading your way . 
some time around the first 2 weeks of Feb. we are planing a trip to CA to touch base with some incredible friends  and sponsors.  We have enough air miles saved up, and have been looking forward to reconnecting with some incredible people .     We are at the early planing stages right now, but hope to have one or two locations where we will have a party / get together , as well we would love to come and visit you while we are in CA .  If you would like to get to know us better and would like to  put us up for a night or two, please drop me a line at .  As well we are open to any speaking engagements at Churches or service clubs or even smaller home parties.    over the next week as I here from you,  we will try to finalize some dates and travel times, then I will post more details .   We have been so blessed over the last few years as we have traveled up and down the east coast, and parts of Central US  and are excited to now have the opportunity to visit the west .... Hope to see you soon . 

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