Friday, November 20, 2009


Life can be complicated .. My children grew up thinking of me as some sort of a cheep Ogar. Never spending an extra nickle... mainly because there never was an extra nickle, We always provided what was necessary, but had little room for the extras ... and for the most part that remains true today, Our cars are up over 200 000, and the TV is about 25 years old, yet those we support in Central Asia would never know...I can remember a few weeks back sitting with the vice mayor the night before leaving... he absolutely could not believe that I was not flying first class.. I explained to him that it all comes to a mater of priorities, and that I had limited funds, and for us , the babies in his hospital were far more important then first class travel.... As most of you know from FB, last week was my birthday, and we will be celebrating tomorrow... I was so blessed by this email I just got from my son and his wife.... they get it... they understand...

We just processed your birthday present through the blog (Paypal). Rachel donated $200 towards a pie in my face! And the donation has been made in your honour :) We were gonna write this in a nice card from Dollorama, but that would have meant one dollar less for the kids, so... seems like easy math to me. See you tomorrow, and happy birthday from Rachel and I :)

Benjamin and Rachel... I am honoured ... thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Your children shall raise up and call you blessed. :)