Friday, December 09, 2005


Today was a day when Sammy once again came to face to face with injustice and afresh pledged myself to make a difference. A difference not only that I can make with hands on myself but by using every bit of my passion and gifts to inspire others in Canada to "give and go" like never before.
I was in an orphanage today and watched the director and her assistant jump...actually jumo when we pulled up and pulled out some gifts. That was great but it was the story of one girl .....12 years old that as I said deepened my resolve(if it is possible to deepen) to give my life for the helpless and hopeless. The police when they got the report brought this sweet girl to the orphanage and asked the director if they could take her. It is well known that her mother traded her to a group of men for a bottle of vodka. You can only imagine the emotions that shot through my body...mind...and heart. C'mon!
It is time for the children of God to rise up...for the church to wake up...and for people to stand up! It is not a bottle of vodka that determines the worth of a is Jesus coming to earth and dying that declares a childs worth.
You cannot in some ways blame the mother...she too is likely the victim of horrific abuse....we must...I must....stand in the face of the works of the enemy and declare that we care and will stand guard...we will protect...we will love...we will give...we will go. I looked at Ed Dickson and said...when I bring a team back here to town in October I want to do a project at this orphanage....oh baby!
I have so many stories like this one to many impacting moments...
I am on the homeward stretch....not coasting, but floating.....not angry but overwhelmed with God's call of mercy and grace. James 1:27 is my song....has been for years....the volume knob just got cranked a bit on this trip.
And I am not home yet! C'mon!Inspire...Connect...Encourage...helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....sammyweltenpi

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don said...

amen Sammy
Keep the passion.
Thanks for the blog.