Saturday, May 28, 2011

looking over the back fence...

such a beautiful day today . This is the view from over the fence at the men's home.

So much going on , and many photos to share ... Just don't have the energy to fight with blogger and rearrange photo's so you will have to try to follow along ... no particular order...sorry ...

Is it any wonder Julie looks forward to English class .. Her class is so cute ... and they are such good kids .

Two more of Julies English students... again they are so cute and so gentle ...

Out playing volley ball after English Class. We introduced them today to there new English / sports teacher. Our young friend will be visiting them 3 or 4 times a week for classes.

Larisa went to check out the home of the three girls I was telling you about a couple posts back

She brought them some groceries.. and was very impressed how clean and orderly the house is... falling down, but clean and orderly .

Kids day packets... we packed 300 packets for tomorrow morning when we will be filling the theater with disabled children ... then they will all get an ice cream and a gift bag with ... a coloring book, pencil crayons, a pen, banana, 4 yogurt , a tooth brush and a party horn or hat.

now when I said 4 yogurts each, you probable thought , that sounds nice.. or at least that's what I thought when Larisa asked for them,,,, I just want to say for the record..."YOU TRY TO ARRANGE 1200 YOGURTS IN TOKMOK" our poor translator... she spent more time on my phone today then I did . While we were at the bazaar, I fornd my Tatchky driver (cart) , and he could hardly walk today.. His stomic is all blotted, and he had been told that they needed to operate right away.. That was two weeks ago.. When I asked him why, he said it was $100. and he had no money. So we made arrangements to have Larisa and Mahabat take him to the hospital on Monday morning and pay the hospital directly.

Altynai only thinks she is done... this was taken before the yogurt arrived.

Back to the Volley ball court

Oh and the men loved the new sewing machine... we sat it on the table in the box before the English class and told them we could open it AFTER class... poor Zamir sat and drooled over it for an hour waiting for class to end...

It was worth the wait... he loved it.

Back to the girls house is definatly a few repairs needed there

after English and sports, the kids that came with us wanted to sing for the men

What a great day .. I felt like I was back on the beach ... I even was dressed for it

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