Friday, September 28, 2007

Tim Tim at the Sim Sim

Tim Crits is an airline pilot in Canada and I do not know much about flying a plane but it must be stressful. The team is not in Central Asia for more than 24 hours and I found Tim on the "pipe" at the Sim Sim Restaurant. I honestly wonder what he had in the bag! Lol!
Seriously....we found ourselves at the Sim Sim celebrating with about 12 folks from the "blind society". It was great to watch a group of Canadians share in a meal with this group. It was a meal that they could never afford but was thrown for them because we wanted to know that they were important and that God and Canadians loved them. I was moved as I watched the team interact with these lovely folks and then hug them goodbye.
(A note to Laura...Tim's wife)
There are no worries....drug rehab will not be needed. However Tim is consuming quite a few Turkish Desserts)

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